Elisabeth Grace

Elisabeth is a Denver based artist specializing in colorful collage work. She works in both the “cut and paste” style- physically cutting and pasting imagery from vintage coffee table books and magazines, as well as digitally in photoshop. Elisabeth takes many of the photos featured in her work on her travels and day to day life. 



“As a child, I spent most of my time in the backyard, immersing, and entangling myself in the leaves, branches, grasses, and flowers. I would create forest-like micro-environments to hide out in and endlessly study plant life details, wondering how anything could be so naturally perfect. My obsession with creating these detailed environments translated to the environments I create on paper through collage. 

Through collage, I attempt to connect individuals to the perfection of nature, and to evoke the same feeling of awe I experience as an observer of the natural world.”