About Us

Marguerite Specht

Marguerite arrived in Denver when it was a sleepy little town. The gorgeous bright blue skies and star-reaching mountains were a most glorious spot to settle into a life as an artist. After taking a few classes in metal arts, she was drawn to the process, which led her to the colorful world of stones and their intrinsic properties. She has been making her jewelry for the past 40 years along with raising some beautiful girls, who all adore her jewelry.

She helped establish the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery in Boulder, CO as a member/owner 35 years ago, and still resides as the Gallery Director, commuting from Denver to Boulder regularly. She is excited to be opening another space that is closer to home with a similar concept.

When Marguerite is not in her studio with her rocks, she can be found in the dirt planting her vegetables.

Marguerite Specht Studio Colfax

Rebecca Tischler

Rebecca Tischler

A Denver native, Rebecca has always been interested in art in one form or another. After graduating with a BFA in Fine Art with a focus in printmaking from CU Boulder, she went on to pursue fashion design. She first attended Emily Griffith for a few classes in their fashion program before ultimately moving to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for her pattern making Certificate. Bouncing around Brooklyn for a few years, she completed the certificate program in 2010 and decided to move back to Denver.

Upon moving back, she became the Creative Director of the Denver Design Incubator, helping designers gain access to the right machines and mentoring to further their lines. She now works as a freelance pattern maker as well as designing and patterning her own small line Minus the Dart. She is passionate about finding new designers and highlighting them in Studio Colfax.

Sarah Tischler

Sarah is a Denver native who attended the University of Denver, receiving a BA in studio arts with a focus in film.

Sarah has been working as a real estate agent here in Denver for the last seven years. Her love of architecture and discovering new neighborhoods has also led her to travel outside of Denver. Documenting these travels, as well as the architecture here in Denver, She has come to appreciate the historic buildings scattered throughout her hometown. She was thrilled to have found this historic building on Colfax and breathe new life into it.

Having grown up with artists for parents, Sarah has always shared a love for the arts. She loves photography because it enables her to share her experiences of travel and architecture to her viewers, and she is thrilled to incorporate this passion into the new store. She is now the store photographer, scouting out beautiful Colorado landscapes, styling, and shooting models to highlight the beautiful pieces arriving daily at Studio Colfax.

Studio Colfax is an artisan boutique in Denver, CO

We carry everything from letterpress cards to fashion, jewelry to ceramics, incense, candles and more!