Ed Wohl

Our exquisite cutting boards come from a woodworker out of Wisconsin, who's training and attention to detail make these boards unique.  His name is Ed Wohl and here's a bit about him and his process.
For more than 40 years, Edward has designed and built exquisite custom furniture from select woods. His signature line of bird's-eye maple cutting boards is available internationally through high-end galleries and specialty shops, and can be found here at Studio Colfax.
Edward's work is known for its masterful design, seamless joinery, liquid-smooth finish and quiet utility. Every piece is not only gorgeous and deeply sensual, but is also eminently useful and intended to be a part of your daily life — as well as the lives of your children and grandchildren.
To hear Ed himself talk about his work is quite beautiful:
"I have always wanted to live and work in a quiet, beautiful, open place. With the help and support of my wife and business partner Ann, and a goodly amount of luck, we've found that place. If people see beauty in my furniture, it may be because I find beauty in my everyday surroundings."
ed wohm cutting boardsed and wife ann.jpg
Come pick up one of these beautiful boards today, they make a great house warming gift, birthday gift, or treat for yourself.

Thea Tenenbaum and Raffaele (Lele) Malferrari

Thea Tenenbaum and Raffaele (Lele) Malferrari have been making pottery together for over 35 years. Thea, a native of Boulder, Colorado, studied studio ceramics at Harrow School of Art and Technology in London, where she received her diploma in 1977. Lele is an entirely self-taught artist who grew up in Italy surrounded by many of the forms and colors that he uses in his ceramic designs. Each year Thea and Lele spend several months in their house in the Apennines between Bologna and Florence and invariably come away rested and inspired.

Their studio is in an old goat barn next to the chickens and the big biodynamic garden on the communal farm where they live, ten minutes outside Boulder.

Embudo Designs

A small, family owned business that specializes in one of a kind originally designed silk screened Potholders. Embudo designs produces all of their pieces out of their home studio in Dixon, New Mexico. They hand mix their colors and hand screen each design in order to ensure that the colors they see in their natural surroundings can be genuinely reproduced onto their pieces. By doing this they hope to bring some of the beauty they see each day to their customers.
.1 wolf potBird pot