Scent of the Day #6

Ma Plus Belle Histoire D’Amour

“Ma Plus Belle Histoire d’Amour”, is the song sung to YSL by one of his great muses, Catherine Deneuve, at his last Haute Couture show. It speaks of the great love story between YSL and his dedicated clientele.  By the later years, YSL had become an icon; a legend.  Ma Plus Belle Histoire d’Amour speaks to the sense of greatness of the man and his work but also of his clientele; first ladies, heads of state, socialites and powerful, established women.  The fragrance is an elegant ozone, floral inspired by the “Linden Wisteria Evening Coat” found in the collection. It is modern, yet timeless and truly lovely.

scent 6 post

The notes are: lemon, bergamot, ozone, linden blossom, Bulgarian rose, lily of the valley, wisteria, sambac jasmine, dossinia orchid, honeysuckle, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, patchouli and civet.”

Scent of the Day #5

La Vie En Rose

“Taking a cue from YSL himself, I was as much inspired by the dress (the Paris Bow Dress) as by the original design of the 1983 perfume itself. YSL allowed himself to be inspired by the perfume to create the dress…La Vie en Rose is an expanded version of the original rose, violet, aldehydic perfume with added sparkling notes to suggest a gloriously youthful exuberance and a champagne fete along a Springtime Champs Elysees.

scent 5 post

The notes are: green stem notes, bergamont, aldehydes, neroli, cassis, French rose, violet, violet leaves, linden blossoms, lily of the valley, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, musk, cedarwood, moss, and civet.”

Scent of the Day #4

Euphorisme D’Opium

“The original “YSL Opium” perfume, when launched was a scandal.  Not only for the open drug reference but for its open sexuality and sensuality.  Just as YSL was inspired by his beloved Morocco and the Orient,  I have infused the original design of Opium perfume (which as of 2010, is no longer on the market) with some extra doses of the euphoric aromas that bring this enchanting Spicy-Oriental perfume to life.

scent of the day 4

The notes are: aldehydes, bitter orange, mandarin, bay, pimento berry, pink pepper, peach, carnation, Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine, ylang-ylang, clove bud, cinnamon, honey, oriental lily, vanilla, benzoin, incense, patchouli, Moroccan cedar, amber, musk, myrrh, and civet.”

Scent of the Day #3

Le Smoking

The Tuxedo for a woman was revolutionary and avant-garde at the time YSL started introducing the style into his collection. Inspired somewhat by the smoking jacket and women’s liberation, the Tuxedo was a continuous muse for every subsequent collection right until the last. “Le Smoking”, named after the first Tuxedo design, is a sophisticated green chypre fragrance based of course on the Blond Tabac (fine cigarette) note as well as the new “marijuana” cigarette and Moroccan incense.

scent 3 post


The notes are: galbanum, blackberry, bergamont, clary sage, neroli, hyacinth, marijuana accord, geranium, carnation, Bulgarian rose, orris, grandiflorum jasmine, honey, blond tobacco leaves, incense, peru balsam, oakmoss, leather and castoreum.

Scent of the Day #2

The Beat Look

“The Americanization of French culture was at its height in the late 1950’s  and YSL was not immune to its influence. Inspired by the street looks of youth culture, the beats and the motorcycle chic of the “wild one”, “The Beat Look” was revolutionary.  The perfume is not only inspired by YSL’s collection and French culture of the time but also by his very first perfume launch “Y”, a fruity-aldehydic chypre, of 1964.

The beat look post 2

The notes are: aldehydes, bergamont, peach, mirabelle plum, neroli, gardenia, honeysuckle, grandiflorum jasmine, hyacinth, Bulgarian rose, rose de mai, orris, patchouli, amber, vetiver, musk, civet, oakmoss, sandalwood, and leather.”



Scent of the Day #1

Ligne Trapeze

“Inspired by YSL’s very first collection as the new art director at Dior: the Ligne Trapeze and the gorgeous silver evening gown found among these first designs.  The absolute aesthetic of French chic at this time was a sense of coolness; an ultimate air of elegance.  The perfume displays this same, slightly aloof, beginning and warms into the aldehydic-animalic drydown found in most fine fragrances of this period.

ligne trapeze collage

The notes are: aldeydes, bergamont, lemon, rosewood, peach, orris butter, violet, jonquille, rose de mai, lily of the valley, grandiflorum jasmine, heliotrope, sandalwood, amber, suede accord, ambrette, benzoin, vetiver and castoreum.”

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