September: Sapphires

Ah, Sapphire.

Beloved by royalty for centuries, prized by the Etruscans, believed to keep kings safe from harm, lovely sapphire was worn to protect the wearer from dishonesty, poverty and stupidity.

It is a variety of corundum, an aluminum oxide with a hardness of 9. Found in a diversity of colors, it is the content of iron and titanium that determines its color.

Blue Sapphire is a stone of mental and psychic activation.  Helps one to see below the surface and to speak clearly with the voice of inner wisdom. Associated with the planet Saturn, the archetype of order, structure and discipline.  Ideal for organizing one’s ideas and bringing them to form. The intense blue ray is ideal for opening up the throat and third eye chakra. Your very own personal laser beam.

Yellow Sapphire has long been known as a stone of prosperity.  In India, merchants wear them to enhance their success, and people are often buried with the stone to ensure wealth in the next life. It is an excellent stone for business success. Allows one to put creative forces to use and follow through to completion.

Yellow Sapphire allows one to feel more joy and excitement in life. Helps to overcome procrastination as well. And balance the spleen.

Use Sapphire when the need arises to evoke clear thought in a negative situation. It will bring order and healing to the confused mind.

Great for stimulating the dream state.  If you need help deepening your meditation practice, put a sapphire next to you. It will even help you stick
to your back-to-school September cleanse.

When you need assistance with learning and retaining new information, Sapphire is the stone for you. It also works well with past-life therapy. Brings relief with headaches, eye problems and vertigo.

Are you easily swayed by the opinions of others? Fear not. Keep a sapphire or two on hand and feel secure in your convictions. Wisdom is yours for the asking.

Sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Kashmir. In April 2007, a record was set at Christie’s in New York, when a 22 karat blue Kashmir sapphire was sold for 3.6 million dollars. Their value is determined by limited supply as well as hardness of the mineral, second only to a diamond. A finely cut Sapphire, with clarity and color to match, can be very costly.

Happy September.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst Studio Colfax Marguerite Specht Jewelry Necklace Denver CO


The February birthstone is Amethyst, a regal quartz that ranges from pink to lavender and violet.  Amethyst’s history, properties, and uses—especially for the February-born Pisces or Aquarius—tell you why Amethyst is one of the best stones to wear and give this month.


In Greek, amethystos means “sober,” and Amethyst was a mythical woman who crossed paths with Bacchus,  “God of Wine.” By turning her into a pillar of quartz, goddess Diana protected Amethyst from his thoughtlessness. Bacchus poured wine over the pillar in apology.

Geologically-speaking, traces of iron color Amethyst. Its pyramid pillars grow from silica-rich liquid hidden in rock caverns. To protect drinkers from poisoning, Greeks supposedly drank from cups of pure Amethyst—a quartz of protection with a purple symbol of great care.


Set in earrings and necklaces, our Amethyst carries this history of physical and psychic protection. It lifts away unhealthy thoughts and impulses, promoting a balanced heart and body.

For those born in February, Amethyst helps Aquarius enhance natural gifts and inspires Pisces to make happy relationships.


Visit the store or follow us to see what some of Denver’s best artisans and jewelry-makers can create with real Amethyst.  Pairing well with Valentine’s day, Marguerite Specht has made a necklace of soft-pink Amethyst.  Call to ask about our one-of-a-kind February collection.


January: Garnet

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 6.35.45 PM
Garnet is derived from the Latin name Granatum, a pomegranate, because it resembles the seeds of that fruit.


Garnet is the January birthstone. Found across the US, in every color (except blue), and locally on Colorado’s Ruby Mountain—garnet is appreciated for its versatility and beauty.


Whether inlaid in gold earrings, pendants, rings, or itself carved through intaglio—the gemstone has found admiration in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.  Garnet depicted Egyptian pharaohs through African cloisonné. Later, it became a symbol for spiritual Europe (as well as a favorite medium of Roman dignity through intaglio).


Today, garnet is used in industry, metalworking, art, and of course jewelry because the abundant minerals that form it create diverse colors, various strengths, and changing clarity.

Garnet is known for its utilization of creative energy.  It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, purification and love. It is a stone of strong, intense feelings.


At our store, you see only strong, pure, and bright Garnet for the Capricorn or Aquarius who desires a unique, proud piece to harmonize with their life experience.

December: Turquoise & Tanzanite

With a birthday in December, you’re born for festivity. The December birthstones (like those who where them) bring lightness and warmth to any scene.



In the 13th century, when the florescent stone arrived in France, they named it the “Turkish stone” (‘Pierre tourques’) after its trade route.

The white rings and golden freckles of Turquoise is associated with friendship, fashion, and luck. Just as well, this December birthstone is a distinctly bright, cool blue.

Each stone’s unique marks of character are formed by abundant minerals, like copper, aluminum, and iron.


More reflective and subdued to its time, the deep blue and floral purple of Tanzanite draws the eye inward. Exclusive to Tanzania, Tiffany & Co. named this gemstone after its birthplace.

Growing in pearly, pyramid-shaped crystals, Tanzanite can resemble sapphire and violet.  Of the two December birthstones, Tanzanite is a gift that shows investment.

You can learn more about our Denver store, local artists, and handmade jewelry at (720) 328-4896.

November: Topaz & Citrine

Topaz and Citrine November Birthstone Jewelry
Golden Topaz and Citrine bring a robust history to the unique collection at Studio Colfax.


200 years ago, when the “birthstone” poem was first published by Tiffany & Co., November was entrusted with Topaz’s golden hue and Citrine’s summer glow. Through this month’s fog and snow, Topaz and citrine are an “emblem of friends and lovers.”

From royal gold to fiery orange, Topaz is a strong, tenacious, and resilient mineral. Crystallizing in the caverns of rocky mountains worldwide, the “fire” stone (from Gr. “topazios”) often forms massive, silicate columns.

Resembling its architectural structure, Topaz has been historically worn by revered men. Set in the rings and crowns of Russian kings and Greek dignitaries, Topaz was believed to cool masculine tempers, such as anger and confusion, while heightening stability and clarity.

Its inseparable partner, Citrine, is an abundant and ornamental quartz in tones of cream and lemon. Changed by sunlight and heat, the “citrus” stone (from Fr. “citron”) has the same prism-shape and structure as other quartz crystals (such as Smoky or Milk quartz).

Since Greek and Roman high-society thousands of years ago, friends have given the stone to wish each other good health; lovers, to promise complete confidence. While also decorating the home through carvings and engravings, Citrine is still associated with wealth, creativity, protection, and healing.

Throughout November, our store features Colorado jewelers who value care and craftsmanship in working with precious Topaz and Citrine. Each piece in our November birthstone collection makes a thoughtful gift for the one you love and revere.