Layered: Fall Fashion Preview

Our Layered Fashion last year show was a huge success. So many wonderful people were in attendance, the models looked great because of the experts at Habitual Salon, and helpers backstage. We had yummy pizza from Extreme Pizza, beer from Lost Highway, and a special Pop-Up shop from Utz Market.



Photos courtesy of Ryan Olson and Keneth Hamblin.

Many thanks to Denver Unlocked and Amerifirst Financial for their support!

Be sure to check out our next fashion show, Anthomania, RSVP and more details by clicking the below:


October Second Saturday: Dia de los Muertos

This month’s opening reception is Oct. 10th, from 5-8 pm. Show runs through November 8th.


Jason Cope is a colorado native, self taught mixed media artist. He is influenced by the unknown, the unseen, and this strange phenomenon we call existence. Persistence in nature provides only a glimpse of what drives this vast ecology of complex systems.
Artist Melissa Stuart has fallen in love with the skeletal structure of death. As she has explored the juxtaposition of life and death, Melissa has become more and more aware of her own skeleton; the very structure we are all hung from. The exploration of bones has become the central force of momentum in Melissa’s discussion on the impermanence of life and her observation of it through her own painting to celebrate the Day Of The Dead.

October: Opals

Happy October Libra.

The fire opal is the best known and most popular of the opal family. There are various colors of our featured October birthstone such as black, red and blue, but most of us are familiar with the the milky stone set off with multi-colored fire elements inside. Most fire opals come from Australia, while others hail from Brazil, Guatemala,
Honduras, Japan, and even here in Nevada.

In Roman times, opal was linked with good luck and hope. In France, it was thought to render the wearer invisible, which got some into trouble when they tried to take things not their own. According to Australian legend, a gigantic opal governs the stars and planets.

White precious opal is said to carry the seed of the “holy fire,” the intense spiritual energy that burns away any of our less than holy traits. It helps to release attachment to anger, fear, and other negative patterns.

An emotional amplifier, it will intensify whatever the wearer is feeling, good or not so good. It can be a warm, friendly teacher, or a severe one.  It all
depends upon what we bring with us to the experience. When one has cleared the emotional field, it instills the aura with a frequency of JOY!!

Fire opals, named for their vivid orange color, hail mostly from Mexico and were worn by the Mayans for strength and virility. They are said to enhance the passionate pursuit of enlightenment. Fire opal carries the frequency of ecstasy. It activates kundalini energy which rises up the spine, stimulating creative self-expression as well as activating the endocrine system. It is an excellent balancer of yin and yang energies.

Use precious opal to bring angelic energy into your home. The fire spirit will aid in connecting with your unseen guides.

White precious opal helps strengthen the skin, hair and fingernails.  It is useful for skin disorders including eczema and rosacea and also helps counter hair loss.

Be aware of your emotions as you head into the fall season and release them into the fiery light of opal. Abandon yourself to the flow of creative energy.

April Second Saturday: Recurring Butterflies

rb facebook coverphoto

This show is up through May 4th and  you don’t want to miss it! check out Crystal Hartman’s beautiful work.  Watercolor and metalsmithing, both equally stunning.  Here’s just a few of our favorites:

crystals chakra drawing
Centers of the Energetic Body
crystals 2 deer
Spirit of Creativity



crystals birds feeding
The Passing of Knowledge
crystals boy in boat
Be Water my Friend SOLD!



photo (20)
So many wonderful rings out of silver and bronze!



crystals scrolls
Honeybee Scrolls, one of a series she’s working on. Show TBA.


March Second Saturday: Anthomania

Anthomania: An extravagant fondness for flowers.

This months show was all about flowers, as we’re coming into Spring. Melissa Stuart is a painter from Boulder who showed with us.  Her beautiful paintings will be on view through April 8th.

photo (8)
Untitled #2 $220
photo (9)
Untitled #3 $220


melissa stuart5
Marguerite, Studio Colfax owner and Max from Cafe Max.
melissa stuart6
Marguerite, Melissa, and her granddaughter.
melissa stuart4
Melissa and her daughter and friend in Royal Stag hats.


February Second Saturday: The Wickedest

This Second Saturday happened to fall on Valentine’s Day, so we decided to ask owner and designer Rebecca of Minus the Dart to do some lingerie for us.  Also, her friends Sienna and Aldo just moved back from Japan and had been working on some delicious truffles, calling their company Cacao luz de Vela.  We wrapped it all up with a “woody” by Maynard Tischler and had a pretty fun night at the shop.

cacao luz de vela
Truffles still available for sale. Some of the incredible flavors include: Pasilla chile with roasted Pepita, Raspberry with Cassis Liqueur, Espresso Bean w/ Candied Lemon Peel, Chai w/ Candied Ginger and Ceylon Cinnamon
Panties for sale. Some lovely pairs still available.


Just one of the many lovely pairs, made by hand here in Denver.


dad and woody
The artist and his car.



Second Saturday with Lawless Ambition and Kwiatkowski Press

Our last second saturday show was a collaboration between a local clothing designer and a local printmaker and it was  a smashing success.  We ended up doing an impromptu photoshoot with Frank and his pedicab, Lawless Ambition clothing, and Monkey Sunglasses…


 Here's some skirts from the show.
Here’s some skirts from the show.
These tights are wonderful.  They're sheer with Kwiatkowski prints all over them.
These tights are wonderful. They’re sheer with Kwiatkowski prints all over them.


photo (44)
A model in one of our shirts and a Lawless Ambition mini


lillian and frank
Frank and a model on Colfax.

Frank also gave some of our guests a ride home after the show…frank riding away

The History of The Austin Building

Denver architecture is quite spectacular and we at Studio Colfax wanted to share a bit of history of our new home, the Austin Building.

Built in 1904, Denver native Frank A. Austin purchased this prominent corner site to erect luxury apartments above retail space that housed business' such as a pharmacy, interior decorating company, delicatessen, furniture repair shop, a florist and much more. All catering to the five to seven room apartments, these residents had it all at their doorsteps.  Maaco, the building next door,  was a black and white cab service company that made it easy for these residents to enjoy the city at a moments notice.

Denver architect, Audley W. Reynolds, who also lived in the building, designed the building as a restrained expression of Italian Renaissance Revival style with differing window treatments on each story, an enriched cornice, and Ionic columns. There were only eleven apartments with all of the modern technologies of the time and of course those classic mountain views to the west. The Austin is the only known example of Reynold's work in Colorado.

A Work in Progress and Patience

We have all put a lot of time and labor into the interior of Studio Colfax. The space was formerly a popcorn shop, with the sizes written on the wall, a long wall dividing the space in half, terrible linoleum floors, and a ceiling that was  falling apart.  This space has come a long way.

popcorn wall edited.jpg

before main room with wall edited.jpg








With the help of our family and friends, we took out the ceiling and put in a nice floor, took out the dividing wall, painted, and had a custom cash wrap/bar put in.
bob and rick installing tile
Bob and Rick laying out the tile
felipe painting edited.jpg
Felipe painting







corrugated steel edited.jpg
The awesomely rusted corrugated steel at our cash wrap.
laid out tile edited.jpg
Some of the tile from DU’s natatorium.
natatorium mural edit.jpg
The University of Denver’s natatorium. This mural was done by Maynard Tischler and Ken McDonald. We were able to use extra tiles from this project to incorporate into our back counter, making this it’s own unique piece of art.


The finished interior.
The store with all the fixtures and product!


Featured Artist: Maynard Tischler

Studio Colfax is honored and overjoyed to present Maynard Tischler as our first featured artist THIS Sunday June 22nd from 4-8 pm!

Come enjoy hors' d' oeuvres and wine and meet this iconic artist in person.
Maynard Tischler was a highly regarded and much admired professor at the University of Denver from 1965-2009. In addition, he served as the chair of the art department from 1988-1992.  He and fellow artist Ken McDonald created the mural in the University of Denver's Natatorium, an ocean scene comprised of over 16,000 tiles.natatorium mural edit.jpg
Maynard has been working steadily since leaving the University of Denver and we are thrilled to have both new pieces as well as some of his historic cars in our collection this Sunday.
Maynard has pieces in the collections of the Denver Art Museum, the Kirkland Museum, the Littleton Museum, as well as in the gallery at the University of Denver . He is also represented in numerous private collections nationally.  We welcome Maynard to show in our new space, the show will run through July 22nd.

To learn more about Maynard Tischler, visit his website at

Maynard Tischler, Ceramicist, Denver Colorado.clipular (2) Maynard Tischler, Ceramicist, Denver Colorado.clipular (3) Maynard Tischler, Ceramicist, Denver Colorado.clipular (1)