December: Turquoise & Tanzanite

With a birthday in December, you’re born for festivity. The December birthstones (like those who where them) bring lightness and warmth to any scene.



In the 13th century, when the florescent stone arrived in France, they named it the “Turkish stone” (‘Pierre tourques’) after its trade route.

The white rings and golden freckles of Turquoise is associated with friendship, fashion, and luck. Just as well, this December birthstone is a distinctly bright, cool blue.

Each stone’s unique marks of character are formed by abundant minerals, like copper, aluminum, and iron.


More reflective and subdued to its time, the deep blue and floral purple of Tanzanite draws the eye inward. Exclusive to Tanzania, Tiffany & Co. named this gemstone after its birthplace.

Growing in pearly, pyramid-shaped crystals, Tanzanite can resemble sapphire and violet.  Of the two December birthstones, Tanzanite is a gift that shows investment.

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