December: Turquoise & Tanzanite

Tanzanite Zircon Turquoise December Birthstones studio colfax

December birthstones are the versatile and ancient stones of Turquoise and the sacred and mysterious stone of Tanzanite.

Turquoise has been found around the world and without exception cherished by the ancients, as well as modern people for the range of blues and greens found in this stone. Used as a charm and amulet on war shields; a significant stone in ritual headdress; and as a talisman for shamans, early peoples believed turquoise imbued the wearer with wisdom and acted as protection against negative energies. Turquoise also symbolizes friendship, peace and good fortune.

Tanzanite is a rare and spectacular gem of deep blue and purples. It has gained in popularity since it was used in the 1997 movie, The Titanic, and referred to as “The Heart of the Ocean.” According to legend, Masai warriors saw the sparkle of this gorgeous gem in in the ash after a hot forest fire in Tanzania leading to the belief the stone was transported from heaven by lighting. The stone is associated with creativity and believed to strengthen the immune system and stimulate fertility.

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