February Second Saturday: The Wickedest

This Second Saturday happened to fall on Valentine’s Day, so we decided to ask owner and designer Rebecca of Minus the Dart to do some lingerie for us.  Also, her friends Sienna and Aldo just moved back from Japan and had been working on some delicious truffles, calling their company Cacao luz de Vela.  We wrapped it all up with a “woody” by Maynard Tischler and had a pretty fun night at the shop.

cacao luz de vela
Truffles still available for sale. Some of the incredible flavors include: Pasilla chile with roasted Pepita, Raspberry with Cassis Liqueur, Espresso Bean w/ Candied Lemon Peel, Chai w/ Candied Ginger and Ceylon Cinnamon
Panties for sale. Some lovely pairs still available.


Just one of the many lovely pairs, made by hand here in Denver.


dad and woody
The artist and his car.



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