Yuka is the creator behind Épice. She is a potter + jewelry designer.

Born in Saga, Japan, Yuka Oba studied ceramics and pottery at a school in Kyoto in 2014. She became a pottery instructor in Fukuoka after graduating and then relocated to the U.S in 2016.

Currently, she is based in Colorado and active in various events in the U.S and Japan. Yuka's ceramic is delicately thoughtful and show's the artist hand and sense of design. She is inspired by the nature found in Japan and Colorado and her works are simple in form and balance but centered on traditional Japanese aesthetics. Even though, her works may seem symmetric it also embraces the roughness, asymmetry, and simplicity while continuously exploring different materials in her process. 

"I enjoy creating art by blending various materials!"

This line is focused on simplicity and soft touch. Her design blends in with nature. “épice“ means “spice“ in French. The brand speaks for her concept to create a bit of “spice“ into our daily life.  What a wonderful time to support this artist + add a little style to your daily life.