July: Rubies

rubies studio colfax

Ruby, the birthstone of July  – it’s red, it’s passionate, it’s courageous!!

Rubies emanate the pure red ray with a vibrancy unsurpassed in the mineral kingdom.
They are a variety of corundum, with a hardness of 9. The intense color comes from

Long revered as a stone of royalty, the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan was said to
have offered an entire city in exchange for a huge ruby. In modern times,
they are known as powerful tools for bringing life force into your being.

The ruby is excellent for those who need to take a more loving attitude toward
their body. They assist in feeling protected, eliminating anxiety and generating
a sense of enthusiasm.

Ruby is a magnet for novelty and adventure. When one wears a ruby, fears are
more easily faced and inspires the wearer to move forward in life.

Ruby helps with infertility. As well as stimulating the root chakra.

A great support for those in recovery from addiction.

Known as the traditional prosperity stone, carry a ruby with you to feel
courageous, self- confidant and grounded to the earth.

Enhance your independent,  passionate self and wear a necklace of rubies this

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