June: Pearls

Pearls, the luminescent June birthstone, treasure of the sea, has it’s earliest

mention in Chinese records dating back to 2206 BC. Members of royal
families have treasured these naturally formed gems since they were discovered
in the waters of Persia, Sri Lanka, the lakes and rivers of China as well as parts
of Europe. The spherical shape has led many cultures to associate them with
the moon.

Long attributed to having great powers, they have been incorporated into the
mythology of virtually every culture that has encountered them. Hindu texts say
that Krishna discovered the first pearl which he presented to his daughter on her
wedding day. Christianity adopted the pearl as a symbol of innocence and purity
and often given to adorn brides. Pearls are also said to symbolize tears of the
gods – and to aid fertility as well as ward off evil.

One surprising use of pearls is their use in the medicinal supplement world.
Those of inferior quality that don’t pass jewelry standards are ground into
a fine powder and sometimes used to prepare pharmaceutical calcium.

Chronic headaches and migraines may be alleviated by wearing a pearl necklace,
pearls can also help to reduce allergies and soothe stomach-aches.

With all the attributes as well as pretty varieties of this stone, there’s plenty to gain from the pearl. Happy June.

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