RR Lemon travel

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WICKS: 1 BURN TIME: 18 HOURS CAPACITY: 3 OZ DIMENSIONS: 2.25"W x 2"H ESSENTIALS: CINNAMON LEAF, LEMON, LEMONGRASS FRAGRANCE NOTES: DEWY GRASS, GRAPEFRUIT, LEMON, LEMONGRASS, LILY OF THE VALLEY, LYCHEE, PEACH BLOSSOM, ROSE Dewy pink rose petals float upon the zest of a sun-ripened lemon and delicate white florals. The perfect sized tin for travel or the small window ledge in your bathroom. Hand poured with a coconut wax blend and single wick. These petite, white tins with charcoal botanical sketches come with their own tiny matches.
Made in United States of America