May: Emeralds

May is here, the season of growing, of green things coming to light.
This is the color of nourishing Emerald, the birthstone of May. Associated
with the legend of the stone of the Holy Grail, it has been revered for thousands
of years, since ancient Egypt as a stone of love, prosperity and abundance.

The color of the heart chakra, Emerald is the purest crystalline form of
the green ray. As the heart chakra is associated with vibrant health, love
and compassion, so it goes with Emerald.

When worn on the body, it is believed to stimulate the high heart and clear
physical and emotional blockages. Thus opening the lucky wearer to be a
vessel of divine grace.

In ancient Rome, Emerald was viewed as a symbol of fertility and associated
with the goddess Venus. Christian legends speak of Emerald as the stone of

Heal your heart, bring freshness and vitality to your life, and embrace your inner
goddess. Wear your Emerald proudly in May, or any other time of the year,
and know this loving stone is shifting scarcity thinking into prosperity thinking!!

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