Milk Vetch 16X20

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This print is the RIGHT side of a larger painting, the full painting entitled "The Milk Vetch". The other side of the painting is offered in print form in a separate listing titled "Fences". Both prints are pictured framed together in the 2nd to last listing image, but please note "Fences" is sold separately.

The milk vetch is a botanical species known for thriving in harsh environments. I became enthralled with these creatures after being introduced to them in Barbara Kingsolver’s novel Unsheltered. "The Milk Vetch" portrays a wild garden surrounded by the shadows of manmade structures attempting to contain it. Despite the efforts to harness the brambles, mother nature thrives in her stalwart errand of growth, indifferent to constructed boundaries. Ironically, the canvas employed for this painting was sitting in my Colorado basement during a flash flood that destroyed much of its contents last year. Since my neighborhood’s establishment in the 1940s, this kind of natural event had never occurred. Climate change is beginning to rear its head everywhere we look. As the canvas emerged miraculously undamaged I can’t help but compare it to the milk vetch - thriving in the face of a hostile environment, just like the feral garden that now flourishes on its face.

The original was painted with acrylic, watercolor, ink and gouache on canvas.

Materials : Somerset Velvet, Ink Pigments