Noelle Phares 2022 Calendar

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It’s 2022.

As a segment of our species turn their eyes star-ward, engineering a future beyond the outermost wisps of our atmosphere, the rest of us still find our feet planted firmly on the ground. And the terra is astounding indeed. But its beauty is both intoxicating and heartbreaking as we become more aware of its tenuous nature with each passing year. Why look to the heavens when Eden is afoot? Why not turn our gaze back down, putting our best and brightest at the helm of this “Spaceship Earth” as Buckminster Fuller called it, to steer it towards a more sustainable path?

The collection of paintings in this calendar are a humble ode to the remarkable world down here on Earth. It features places I was lucky enough to travel to recently as the pandemic has waned, places I have loved for many years, places I yearn for. These depictions are evidence of the magic to be found here on this planet, small monthly reminders of how lucky we are to be surrounded by such precious vistas down here.

As Carl Sagan put it, we must “preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”

 It is not too late to fall in love with home again.

- Noelle