November: Topaz & Citrine

Topaz and Citrine November Birthstone Jewelry
Golden Topaz and Citrine bring a robust history to the unique collection at Studio Colfax.


200 years ago, when the “birthstone” poem was first published by Tiffany & Co., November was entrusted with Topaz’s golden hue and Citrine’s summer glow. Through this month’s fog and snow, Topaz and citrine are an “emblem of friends and lovers.”

From royal gold to fiery orange, Topaz is a strong, tenacious, and resilient mineral. Crystallizing in the caverns of rocky mountains worldwide, the “fire” stone (from Gr. “topazios”) often forms massive, silicate columns.

Resembling its architectural structure, Topaz has been historically worn by revered men. Set in the rings and crowns of Russian kings and Greek dignitaries, Topaz was believed to cool masculine tempers, such as anger and confusion, while heightening stability and clarity.

Its inseparable partner, Citrine, is an abundant and ornamental quartz in tones of cream and lemon. Changed by sunlight and heat, the “citrus” stone (from Fr. “citron”) has the same prism-shape and structure as other quartz crystals (such as Smoky or Milk quartz).

Since Greek and Roman high-society thousands of years ago, friends have given the stone to wish each other good health; lovers, to promise complete confidence. While also decorating the home through carvings and engravings, Citrine is still associated with wealth, creativity, protection, and healing.

Throughout November, our store features Colorado jewelers who value care and craftsmanship in working with precious Topaz and Citrine. Each piece in our November birthstone collection makes a thoughtful gift for the one you love and revere.

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