October: Opals

Happy October Libra.

The fire opal is the best known and most popular of the opal family. There are various colors of our featured October birthstone such as black, red and blue, but most of us are familiar with the the milky stone set off with multi-colored fire elements inside. Most fire opals come from Australia, while others hail from Brazil, Guatemala,
Honduras, Japan, and even here in Nevada.

In Roman times, opal was linked with good luck and hope. In France, it was thought to render the wearer invisible, which got some into trouble when they tried to take things not their own. According to Australian legend, a gigantic opal governs the stars and planets.

White precious opal is said to carry the seed of the “holy fire,” the intense spiritual energy that burns away any of our less than holy traits. It helps to release attachment to anger, fear, and other negative patterns.

An emotional amplifier, it will intensify whatever the wearer is feeling, good or not so good. It can be a warm, friendly teacher, or a severe one.  It all
depends upon what we bring with us to the experience. When one has cleared the emotional field, it instills the aura with a frequency of JOY!!

Fire opals, named for their vivid orange color, hail mostly from Mexico and were worn by the Mayans for strength and virility. They are said to enhance the passionate pursuit of enlightenment. Fire opal carries the frequency of ecstasy. It activates kundalini energy which rises up the spine, stimulating creative self-expression as well as activating the endocrine system. It is an excellent balancer of yin and yang energies.

Use precious opal to bring angelic energy into your home. The fire spirit will aid in connecting with your unseen guides.

White precious opal helps strengthen the skin, hair and fingernails.  It is useful for skin disorders including eczema and rosacea and also helps counter hair loss.

Be aware of your emotions as you head into the fall season and release them into the fiery light of opal. Abandon yourself to the flow of creative energy.

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