Spinster Sisters Co. Amelia: The Gardener gift set


ur samplers give a taste of a little bit of everything that Spinster Sisters has to offer. They include sample-sized versions of our most popular products. Each themed set is printed with a backstory detailing its inspiration.

Amelia's Story Let me tell you, my sister Amelia is an amazing woman, and one of the best gardeners I know. It might be hard to tell from the photo but her hair is like spun gold. She's smart too – she can read a book about just about anything, then go out and do it like she has been doing it her whole life. Amazing. Anyway, I digress. We have plenty of time before the wash is dry. Please. Sit. Have a cup of tea. Now where were we? She is a clever one, that Amelia. She keeps talking non-stop about a special soap for gardeners, one that will use some of the herbs and other botanicals that we grow right here on the farm. Would you like to try some?

Gardener's Citrus Scrub Bar (2.4 oz.)
Lavender Body Butter (2 oz.)
Lip Balm
Lemongrass Sage Solid Lotion (1 oz.)
Lavender Himalayan Salt Soak (1 oz.)
Herbal Healing Salve (2 oz.)

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