Spinster Sisters Co. Edna – The Teacher gift set


Our samplers give a taste of a little bit of everything that Spinster Sisters has to offer. They include sample-sized versions of our most popular products. Each themed set is printed with a backstory detailing its inspiration.

Edna’s Story Edna is a teacher, always seeking new ways to inspire and encourage her students. She loves to see their bright looks as she tells them how newfangled inventions like the telephone and accounting machine will change the world. It’s more of a challenge to make dull necessities like practicing penmanship into a game. She dearly loves her students, even when they occasionally get the best of her. She gives 100% every day to ensure the success of her kids, and enjoys her downtime in the evenings to recharge for the next day’s adventures. Here is a little pick me up to celebrate the joy of learning and relax after the stress of teaching.

Lavender Bath Soap (2.4 oz.)
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Body Butter (2 oz.)
Peppermint Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer
Temple Rub Headache Relief Salve
Lip Balm

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