Scent of the Day #3

Le Smoking

The Tuxedo for a woman was revolutionary and avant-garde at the time YSL started introducing the style into his collection. Inspired somewhat by the smoking jacket and women’s liberation, the Tuxedo was a continuous muse for every subsequent collection right until the last. “Le Smoking”, named after the first Tuxedo design, is a sophisticated green chypre fragrance based of course on the Blond Tabac (fine cigarette) note as well as the new “marijuana” cigarette and Moroccan incense.

scent 3 post


The notes are: galbanum, blackberry, bergamont, clary sage, neroli, hyacinth, marijuana accord, geranium, carnation, Bulgarian rose, orris, grandiflorum jasmine, honey, blond tobacco leaves, incense, peru balsam, oakmoss, leather and castoreum.

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