Scent of the Day #6

Ma Plus Belle Histoire D’Amour

“Ma Plus Belle Histoire d’Amour”, is the song sung to YSL by one of his great muses, Catherine Deneuve, at his last Haute Couture show. It speaks of the great love story between YSL and his dedicated clientele.  By the later years, YSL had become an icon; a legend.  Ma Plus Belle Histoire d’Amour speaks to the sense of greatness of the man and his work but also of his clientele; first ladies, heads of state, socialites and powerful, established women.  The fragrance is an elegant ozone, floral inspired by the “Linden Wisteria Evening Coat” found in the collection. It is modern, yet timeless and truly lovely.

scent 6 post

The notes are: lemon, bergamot, ozone, linden blossom, Bulgarian rose, lily of the valley, wisteria, sambac jasmine, dossinia orchid, honeysuckle, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, musk, vanilla, patchouli and civet.”

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