Smoke X Daggers

Smoke+Daggers is husband and wife team, Bob and Nikki Atkinson and long time friend, Jeremiah Henson. They first met while working at the iconic New York Central Art Supply in downtown NYC in 2006. For over a decade, each worked in different areas of the fine jewelry industry, learning the nuances of design, metalsmithing, and stone setting. Each member pulls from their various creative backgrounds, ranging from fine art and art history, to illustration and design. 

Smoke+Daggers uses all fair-mined and recycled gold and silver, ethically sourced natural precious and semi-precious gemstones, and is dedicated to using sustainable materials and work practices. Their jewelry making process is based on the manipulation of precious metals that mankind has utilized for thousands of years. Each piece of Smoke+Daggers jewelry begins as a sketch and is constructed by hand from sheet and wire. The use of classic goldsmithing and silversmithing techniques informs the way every piece is designed. Each designer gathers inspiration and looks for common themes among diverse interests. Reducing these ideas down to their core essence and reinterpreting them for the purpose of adornment allows for the creation of objects which reflect a love of the natural world, and the history of human creativity and technology.

Everything is hand made here in Austin, Texas

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