A Work in Progress and Patience

We have all put a lot of time and labor into the interior of Studio Colfax. The space was formerly a popcorn shop, with the sizes written on the wall, a long wall dividing the space in half, terrible linoleum floors, and a ceiling that was  falling apart.  This space has come a long way.

popcorn wall edited.jpg

before main room with wall edited.jpg








With the help of our family and friends, we took out the ceiling and put in a nice floor, took out the dividing wall, painted, and had a custom cash wrap/bar put in.
bob and rick installing tile
Bob and Rick laying out the tile
felipe painting edited.jpg
Felipe painting







corrugated steel edited.jpg
The awesomely rusted corrugated steel at our cash wrap.
laid out tile edited.jpg
Some of the tile from DU’s natatorium.
natatorium mural edit.jpg
The University of Denver’s natatorium. This mural was done by Maynard Tischler and Ken McDonald. We were able to use extra tiles from this project to incorporate into our back counter, making this it’s own unique piece of art.


The finished interior.
The store with all the fixtures and product!


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